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In my life, I have been privileged and blessed enough to have experienced love, and I see this around me every day, in little things (and some big things too).

Like you (or not like you, maybe.. I have no idea who you are, actually. Unless you tell me who you are. Then I MAY have some inkling.. I'm excellent with faces), I go through the ups and downs of life, sometimes barely scraping through, sometimes coming out better than before, and sometimes I lay battered for a bit. But this much I know: I have gotten so far, and I have much to be proud of.

No, I'm not going to list my "achievements", because they are personal - Oh all right. I believe in celebrating small achievements (such as getting this far to type and create a static home page), however mundane and insignificant they may seem sometimes.. Because, life is a struggle sometimes, and we take what we get! Yes, I am resisting the urge to name an achievement.

Throughout my journey, I have had people come and go; some have stayed a bit longer than necessary, some have been journeying alongside me, on their own crusade, but always beside me, alway with me. And some I have left behind.

Ok, I wouldn't say left behind... That implies that they are stationary, and that  I am ahead. It would be better then, to say that they have found their own journey, and that I wish them all the best (*snigger*).

But truly, I hope that here, you find some hope in humanity, and love. I hope you find the courage to do what you must for your own happiness, whatever it is that makes your heart sing. I'll be here along the way, to complain and also to share the little bits of my life with you.. Just so you know that you're not in this alone (except sometimes, like, when you are in the toilet and situations in which I'd rather you NOT think of me or call my name)!

Today, and every day, I will strive to do what makes my heart sing a little bit. It won't always be rainbows and butterflies (where have I heard this....) but I'm pretty sure the grey skies and uhm.. cocoons could be good for some things too.

It'll be nice to hear from you, so do drop an e-mail if you have any stories to share.

I'm with you!

Much love,